I grew up in Wisconsin and went to the University of Wisconsin and majored in Business Administration. I have been in medical sales since 1970 when I started selling pharmaceuticals for a Johnson and Johnson company called McNeil Pharmaceutical. I started out as a field rep and moved into hospital sales then one of two reps calling on military bases around the world. In 1983, I decided to start my own medical equipment rental/sales company. We rented equipment into homes and hospitals for post-op orthopedic patients, Continuous Passive Motion machines, cold therapy, bracing, bone stims and electrical stim devices to treat pain and wounds. We also were one of the original companies to sell the Mitek Bone Anchor, our sales exceeded two million dollars a year by the second year, tops in the country. I then saw an opportunity in conductive garments and pads that replace sticky electrodes. We currently focus on the conductive garments and pads, the Hako Med clinical stimulator and OSKA pemf device to treat pain.

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